Music makes a difference

We built The Sound Reserve out of a shared love of music and nature and the power they have to help you get through the day.

More subscriptions are not the answer. That’s why we integrated with Spotify and Apple Music which means our app is free, unlimited and without ads for music fans everywhere.

The Sound Reserve has one vision:

To enhance people’s lives with music and sound, and help rebuild our natural world while we do it.

Beautiful music

All our music has been composed specifically for The Sound Reserve and is designed to help you focus, sleep, relax and meditate.

We’ve worked with some of the best composers, musicians and producers in the world, recording tracks at Abbey Road Studios in London to bring you the perfect playlist for every time of day.

Incredible sounds of nature

There’s nothing nicer than falling asleep to gentle rainfall, and waking each day to a beautiful dawn chorus. Or practicing a moment of mindfulness accompanied by gentle ocean waves.

Our worldwide network of professional sound recordists have captured birdsong from Peru, heavy downpours in England, ocean waves breaking in the Pacific and everything in between. Each sound is unique, real and recorded just for you.

A global mission

We’ve all seen the stats. The natural world is under threat like never before and we must all do our bit to help protect its fragile ecosystem.

Every time you listen, you’re helping to plant trees where they’re needed most and clear oceans of harmful plastic waste.

Download for free

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